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Hi, I'm new. I'll take the survey to tell all you peeps a bit more about me and the car (though if you just want to see the car, you could go here)


Make: Vauxhall
Name: Calibra 2.5 V6
Nicknames: Cally... that's pretty much it.
Birthday(see chassis): Jan 1997
Birthplace: Uncertain. Either Vaux in Luton or one of the Opel factories on the continent.
Home: Cambridgeshire, UK
Colour: Flame Red
Interior Colour: Cream Leather
Tyre Size: 205/55/r15
Wheels: Standard 15" 5 spokes
Mods: Lots of stereo gear, resonance box removed to eas breathing.
Owned by: Two people and a Company
kms miles: approx. 80k
Favourite place: The motorway
Favourite time of day: Early morning
Place most likely to be seen: Town centre
Personality: Fickle, but loyal
One word description: Swoopy
Sex: Female
Next five mod lists:
1. New tyres
2. Aircon regass & service
3. Koni shocks & Eibach springs
4. Lightened flywheel
5. Courtney 6-speed F28 gearbox conversion
Music: Indie rock, trance, chillout
Stereo: Sony MP3 player, ViBE SA60 componants up front, Infinity reference in the back, ViBE 15" monster sub, 700w Maystar amp, 1000w Boss amp.
Next five places likely to go: Work, Home, Work, Home, Work....
Last places been: Surprisingly, Work.
Last song played: Rob D - Furious Angels
Favourite song/radio station: Evanescence - Hello / Chris Moyles on Radio 1
Relationship with owner/s: Sometimes rocky, demanding
Party/Pub/Café: Pub
Saturday night destination: Town Centre car park
Mostly likely to copulate with (what) car? Another cally.
Hates it when: Parked next to a Ford Probe. It's obvious which is the better coupe. And it hasn't got a blue oval on the front...
Belong to any clubs? Thinking of joining Club Calibra
Stickers: 2 x CavWeb stickers
Lives with: A Citroen Saxo
Lives in: The driveway
Favourite season & why: Spring or Autumn, because it's never too hot or cold and the days are stil pretty long.
Accidents/incidents: Was reversed into in the company car park yesterday by a useless, cretinous moron in his Ford Orion. No damage though, luckily.
Times: Book time 0-60 - 7.3 secs
Race: Had an altercation with an old 80's shape Supra 3.0 turbo. Kept right with it on the twisties, but got to the bypass and it went. Kept up till we hit 100 though.
How long you have been with current owner? 7 Months
Most likely sin: Gluttony


Name: Stuart B
Birthday: 19/12/1980
Birthplace: Wisbech, Cambs
Home: Cambridgeshire
Status: Single
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Relationship to your car: Appeasment
Career: Breaking factory machinery
Favourite Place: The drivers seat
Personality: Shy, geek.
One word description: What?
Sex: Male
Next five things you’d buy: Petrol, Tyres, lunch, probably a CD and a DVD
Last three things you listened to: Evanescence - Hello, My Last Breath, Whisper (yes I've got the album going on Winamp)
Last five things you ate: Five individual slices of pizza
What you’re wearing: Having just got out of the shower, a dressing gown.
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None. Toying with the idea, but not seriously.
Party/Pub/Café: Pub
Saturday night destination: Wherever the car goes
Dream car: Hard question, either the Lotus Carlton or VX220 Turbo
Last time you drove your car: Last night
Favourite Colour: Changes on a regular basis
Most likely sin: Sloth
Photo: See userpic.
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