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Hi :D

Heya, my name's Annette, and I'm new to the community. ^_^

I'm somewhat new to the scene when it comes to fixing cars, so I'm hoping I'm not looked upon as the outcast. I've been modding and racing for almost a year now, and hope to learn more.

I own a '90 Nissan 240SX XE with 50K on it. As of now, I've stopped working on it. I'm discouraged, and have no motivation to work on it. I look at it, sigh, and say "I dunno.. is it worth it anymore?" I'm just.. lost. I want to drive swap an SR20DET into a 240, but don't know if I should keep what I have now and go all out, or get a '95 240sx...

Anyway, hi. *smiles*

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