Katie (latigressa) wrote in revhead,

RSX owners? Parts Advice?

Any other RSX owners out there?

I'm a base model owner, kind of slowed down on the modding, but I want to go back and redo some parts.

I currently have installed:

Intake (short ram)
Header (needs replacing)
Cat-back Exhaust
Neuspeed Sport Springs
Neuspeed Short Shift
Fidanza Flywheel (8lb)
Exedy Organic Clutch

Have sitting in the living room waiting to install:
Neuspeed Front Lower X Brace
Side Skirts/Lip
Fog Lights

I think I'm going to sell the foglights to get some money. My header has been leaking air... finally found out today specifically why. Where the bolt and brace go is stripped (not the bolt or the brace, but the actual area on the header). If I manipulate the bolt and remove the brace, I lose stability, and risk an exhaust leak. One leak for another... ::sigh::

Has anyone had any experience with either the Comptech or the Jackson Racing Race header? Any comments on Comptech in general (going to switch out some other stuff for comptech). Also, any other ideas on next mod? I'm more of a suspension kind of girl, my car will never be as fast as I'd like on the straight line.. so I'm thinking along the lines of Tokico Gas shocks?

Also, what other communities do you guys belong to? Sorry for cross posting this...
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