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anyone want to come for a drive ? Xposted everywhere

I’m sharing a few Aussie Fords with you all, those not from here. Or those with an interest. My computer has crashed twice since I started, I lost everything once. In fact it’s starting to drive like a Holden. So any complaints…take em walking…lol And now, onto the muscle….

I’m starting this very short, ineffectual tour with the XP Falcon. Relative to the Falcon Sprint in the USA. The same platform basically. They used this platform sharing all the way up to the XY Falcons I believe.

XP Falcon

They made these in Wagons, Ute’s and Sedans, both four door and two doors. They came out with a 6 cylinder generally or a 289Windsor.. This was when the Muscle car era started to simmer and warm up. This model of car is getting pretty rare these days. I think the best place to find a perfect restorer would be out on a farm somewhere. I’ve found many old vehicles left in sheds and forgotten about when out in the sticks. Used as paddock bashers more so than the Sunday markets….If ford had any sense they would have made something similar to the sketch below.

XR Falcon GT.
V8 four speed, 5 slotters wheels (rare as rocking horse sh*t these days) 4 speed, polyglass tyres, definitely one of the rarer steeds these days.

The XR and the XT were very similar with only a few mods changed on them, like the rear lights and a few interior changes etc. I also don’t have a pic of an XT on this pc, so I guess you miss out.
The XT started as a Phase I GT. Following that was the XW Phase II, the XY Phase III and the XA Phase IIII (there were only four of the phase IIII’s ever produced. The government didn’t like the high performance race cars being sold to families to do the shopping in…..heh.

XW Falcon GT

The XW falcons are a fantastic car to drive, turn heads everywhere you go and purr along, whether that be on the drag strip (like mine is set up for, below) or driving along at a cruisy 70kms an hour at 4,500RPM on a Sunday (which I rarely do)

They came out with the Cleveland motor in these, four speed or auto. The GT’s had a scoop over the brake booster to keep it cooler. Fantastic car to drive, in my opinion better than the XY. I’ve owned both and driven across Australia in them.


Does anyone have a towel ? Cos..i’m gonna need it. These gorgeous pieces of high performance Australian muscle just scream along. They were clocked doing 280kms an hour way back then. And where the fastest four door performance vehicle sold to the rank and file (you and me) The government was getting a little wary about cars going so fast at the time, and cracked down on the phase IIII, there were only 4 of the XA models made, and only 3 surviving today I believe, though I have heard rumours there are now only two left.
The XY Phase III can be worth anywhere up to $150, 000. A true Aussie icon, and even now, everyone still wants one, or a faker at least.

XA GT Two Door

I owned one of these. I sold it last year. Never again will I listen to a woman !!!. These came out with the 351 Clevo, 4 speed, 9 inch. Had no room whatsoever in the back seat. A Saturday night romp was out of the question. Though from experience, the drivers seat has plenty of room. You could fit an elephant in the front. Driving these things you get two people looking, the buzzbox drivers who only want to try to race you. And the others, the dreamers, remembering the day, or wishing they had one now, heads hanging out of windows and drooling, almost causing an accident in the process. Great cars to drive, heavy as hell, but serious street cred wherever you go. I had painted mine fluro lemon lime green, installed a little 460 bigblock, overworked, and white leather interior. Also 15X10inch rims on it all round, and yes they fit under the front guards. These cars were made to race, not to show.

I’m going to leave this here. I believe that the fords after the XA were not up to scratch at all in comparison to the older models. I think only now, with the BA Falcon they brought out have ford only started to pick up the pace a little more. If anyone wants any other pics of fords in race setup or drag strip workouts, let me know.

Now…how do I do a cut ?

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