Ms. Andrea Goody (drealeigh) wrote in revhead,
Ms. Andrea Goody

this survey was a good idea:)

this will allow us to get to know eachother better:)

[your car]
Name: No name really
Nicknames: Bitch
Make:: Honda Accord LX Vtec
Birthday(see chassis): september of 98
Birthplace: Parts made in South Carolina shipped to Japan and assembled by peoplw who KNOW what they are doing:)
Home: Bangor Maine, USA
Colour: Midnight Black
Interior Colour:. seats and carpet light gray, dashe and gague cluster are ashe/dark gray
Tyre Size: 15
Wheels: factory honda
Mods: ha Performance Air Filter...ohh wow
Owned by: Andrea
kms: approx. KMS?? im american.....66,000MILES
Favourite place: parked with the cars of my owners friends....a z28 camaro, V6 Accord,3000GT VR4, and a Saturn ION
Favourite time of day: Dusk from 6pm til morning:) I look my cleanest then.
Place most likely to be seen: Bowling ally parking lot, parked with the Boys
Personality: stubborn,superiority complex, i think and sometimes know im better then everyone else. aggreable and yet difficut.
One word description: Beautiful
Sex: Female
Next five mod lists:
1. Motegi white rims
2. cold air intake (researching brands now)
3. angle eye projector headlights
4. Borla exhaust
5. Cdplayer upgrade
Music: Rap, Hip hop, ludacris jayz fugees black eyed peas
Stereo: Blaupunkt Hamburg edition *touch screen real pimp*
Next five places likely to go: down town, beach, owners parents house, owners work, owners friends house
Last places been: carshow(saturday) owners work (sunday) owners apartment parking lot(now)
Last song played: Crazy in love - beyonce and jayz
Favourite song/radio station:at the moment - go to sleep bitch -em dre dmx
Relationship with owner/s: love/hate.....she loves to drive me everywhere, hates dropping the $1.56 to put the best gas possible in me:)
Party/Pub/Caf�: party
Saturday night destination: bowling ally to meet up with the boys then down town
Mostly likely to copulate with (what) car? s2200 jap spec crx, or a evo.
Hates it when: has to hit the breaks, getting pulled over for not having a front plate.
Belong to any clubs? FCC (Fat Crew Customs) owners 3 best friends are backyard mechanics and car lovers.
Stickers: FAT CREW CUSTOMS across the top of the rear window
Lives with: No one single car house:)
Lives in: a parking lot that sucks in the winter and int he summer tree sap makes pollen stick to me and i look like im green:)
Favourite season & why: Summer...roads arent dusty and i stay cleaner longer
Accidents/incidents: a 45lb Dog, FUCKED my front bumper up. yet to be fixed cant tell unless you are under me*kinky*
Times: once
Race: Most notable and fun to tease him about is a v6 accord non vtec:) took him off the line twice
How long you have been with (current) owner: 9months
Most likely sin: LUST for the Acura RSX type S i cant seem to catch on the highway
Photo: None on PC

Name: Andrea
Birthday: May 11 1982
Birthplace:Bangor Maine
Home:Bangor Maine
Status: Taken:)
Hair Colour: dark brownish with auburn highlights*natural*
Eye Colour: green and brown
Relationship to your car: master and slave
Career: Full time smartass
Favourite Place: cruising around Bar Harbor
Personality: haha same as my car:)
One word description: Awesome
Sex: Female
Next five things you�d buy: shit for my car,groceries,socks,juice,new sneakers
Last five things you ate:sandwich,apple,peach,chex party mix
What you�re wearing: shorts and a wifebeater(tank top)
Piercings: ears and tongue
Tattoos: . 4
Party/Pub/Caf�: party
Saturday night destination: out with the boys
Dream car: Honda nsx-r. 2003 jap spec accord*drool* acrua RSX type R jspec
Last time you drove your car: tonight home from work, probably will again in about 20 minutes to meet up witht he boys
Favourite Colour: marroon, gray, dark blue dark green, anything that matches my car
Most likely sin: Lust
Photo: IM me for it DrDreasAccordLX
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