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iv just bought a car

iv just gone and bought a subaru impreza,at £34,847, and repainted it all to look like the exact wrc car,iv also taken the back seats out and fitted it with a cage, and put new racing seats in and sat nav, so if u put both of them together u wouldn't tell the difference, but the only difference kind brother who races in the british green flag cars (he drives a black honda type r)has put a porsche cayenne engine in which it goes 450bhp 4.5,and new sound systems in,but i cannot find the best offroad rally track in Britain to test it out on,i am training to follow in my brothers footsteps, and be in the races in green flag,so has anyone or anybody no where the best rally offroad tracks are??
i have done my best with the subaru,also has anyone got any ideas how to make my car best, by the way money is no object!
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