Kelly Korova (jayzero) wrote in revhead,
Kelly Korova

hey girls-

just picked up a new car. also I don't think I've shown any pictures of my comet in here yet.

Just picked this up. Still getting used to it, but I'm loving it so far. such a smooth ride..

This thing is the most amazing car. It starts as soon as you turn the key and purrs like a kitten. Completely original car, still has the original paint job (i'm planning on repainting it next fall)- only problem is it's a 2 speed, inline six = very SLOW. I really want to do a complete restoration to original since everything is matching #'s (engine only has 74,000 on it which is damn good for being 45 years old!) I do have a 61 comet as a parts car which I'm thinking about restoring and dropping an LT1 or LS1 in. But otherwise this is the best crusier you can find.

the bird on the right is mine, the Trans Am on the left is my boyfriends- we've currently got it running 12.9's @ 107mph. true duals, long tube headers, 4:10's in the back, cold air, a few other mods

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I'm loving the old girl. Looks similar to one of our EH Holdens X with and OLD capri or cortina. Nice ride. Something like that doesn't have to go fast. Just lowered, purring nice ride.....'has another look'
Definately nice....

"Nice Comet! I have a '62 4-dr myself, though not nearly as nice a condition as yours. If you wanted to make it more interesting you could hotrod the six, it would definitely be different than anything else you'd see cruising around."